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There are so many choices out there for you when deciding on who to use to extend your motor plan. Motor plan extensions are a highly popular product in our society today, and has saved thousands of rands for many South Africans. In order to decide you need to think about the costs involved, and how stable the company is you are using. Motor Plan Extender is part of Motor Vaps, which is an established company that has a multitude of products on offer, one of which is a motor plan extender. Get a motor plan extender with us for as little as R200 per month. There are various options for your motor plan extender with us – from entry level which is still packed with features, to a higher level which has all the bells and whistles. Don’t let an unforseen event with your car cause you stress and financial loss – get covered today and ensure that your motor plan is extended with us. To request a quote simply click on the quote request button above and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any further queries, you can use our contact form. We look forward to offering you a tailor made solution for your motor plan extender.

Time for a motor plan extender? What is a motor plan extender you may be asking. A motor plan extender is an option where you can extend your existing motor plan. Motor plans normally last 2 or 3 years, and when the end of that time period comes then it is time to extend your motor plan. With so many motor plan options available from a variety of companies, it is hard to decide which company to use. Some of the larger companies are more expensive, as they have huge marketing budgets. We are a medium sized motor plan extension company, and can offer you some of the best rates in South Africa. We also have friendly consultants who can assist you with your motor plan extensions, so simply email us on info@motorplanextender.co.za to get a quote or you can fill in the quote request form on our website. You may also have some questions, like how much it will cost or how long the motor plan can be extended for, you may also want to know what brands are covered etc. We cover a variety of brands and have various options to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you today and assisting you with your motor plan extension.

So you have an existing motor plan that is about to expire ! Don’t wait another second, let’s get your motor plan extender sorted out. With motor plan extender you can get your motor plan extended by another year or two. So many times we hear of folks who unfortunately do not extend their motor plan in time and during this time when they are not covered, something unforeseen happens and this puts a huge amount of stress on the car owner. Save yourself the trouble and sleepless nights, and ensure you extend your motor plan. Motor plan extender has many different products on offer, at reason rates. We deal directly with you, so you are saving on what would normally go to the middle man. With motor plan extender you can save as much as 30 percent. When I comes to car brands, we have that covered as well. We cater for almost all car brands sold within South Africa, and unless your motor vehicle is less than ten years old, we can assist you with a motor plan from as little as R200 per month. Email us today to get a quote on info@motorplanextender.co.za or fill in the enquiry form on our website.

The manufactures warranty expiry is not the end of the road; it is actually the beginning of motor plan extender. You can still enjoy the warranty benefit especially having your peace of mind. We admit that the older your car gets, the more your motor car is likely to break down, which means you dearly need a motor plan when your motor car is older than when it is still new. That is why they say when “when days are dark friends are few” however we are there to cover you when some despise you, yes with us you can still extend your motor plan, that is actually our reason of existence, so you better take advantage of us the motor plan extender and be covered for all your mechanical or electrical component fail. With us you can be assured of a quality Extended Warranty Plan, offering you protection for all your unforeseen and unplanned repairs. Call us and we can give you details of components covered on you extended warranty, we will also provide you with a booklet with the details. Most importantly our motor plan extender will provide you with road assistance that you will dearly need when you have a break down, call us and a get a quote today.